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Sam Dirr

Sam Dirr
Name: Justin Samuel Dirr

Birthday: 31 December 1982
Born In: Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Died: 23 September 2000 at his appartment on UCLA campus
Age At Death: 17

Vas Deferens Relation: Guitarst / Vocalist

Background Music: Not Now

Interesting Facts You Probably Didn't Know:

Sam and Spike were friends since they were babies because their fathers worked for the same company and moved around Canada together. 

Sam was murdered by his girlfriend on his youngest brother's 7th birthday.  Sam was stabbed about 74 times with a kitchen knife in the chest, face, left arm and hand, upper legs, and down low where it hurts.

Sam was forced to be a band geek in middle school with Spike.  His first instrument was the trumpet, which he despised.

Sam was one of six kids.  He had four brothers and a sister.  One of his brothers was his identicle twin John.  John played in the unreleased CD, "Remember The Fire" as Sam's part because they have pretty much the same voice.

Sam got a full scolarship to UCLA.  He played on the ice hockey team as goalie for only two games before he was killed.  He only got to go to three days of classes at UCLA.

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Sam's top 3 quotes ever:

#3  "For me, sex with a girl is a race to orgasm, and I am undefeated!"

#2  "Bad kids!  Bad Christmas spirit!  For that, Santa Clause is going to come to all of your houses and shit under all of your trees!  Santa Clause is going to rape your dogs!"

#1  "Like any other band, we belive in a safe form of sex.  Let me tell you a little bit about the safest form of sex.  It's when you get supper drunk and you have sex with like ten people at once totaly unprotected and your doing interveinus drugs at the same time."

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Here's a few good picutres of Sam durring his lifetime...

Senior Picture (1999-2000 year)

He spent almost every waking moment with his guitar (and some moments while asleep like here)

Sam playing at our monthly "underwear concert" (what's up with his hair?!?!)

And this is Sam's greatest influence in music... Tom Delonge

Tom holding his favourite guitar